• Jon

    Founder and Managing Director

    “my vision is to sell watches and watch-straps to like-minded people who share my enthusiasm for high-quality products at honest and considered prices. it began as a hobby and an ebay account in the name of watchgecko and has now grown into a thriving independent e-commerce store. together we are an ever-growing and dynamic company that believes in a progressive approach when designing, selling and marketing our pieces. we learn from every step taken and always work to our best capabilities, taking inspiration from the past and present to craft amazing products. the company has grown considerably from its early stages but has always had a diligent and pragmatic team working together in harmony, sharing my vision and work philosophies. now with full control over design and materials, specifications, marketing and even dispatch we can perfect every little detail and remain confident with our work.”

  • Andy

    Operations Manager

    大发体育下载“few things are more rewarding than doing what you love, helping a business grow, and seeing product and service improvements have real-time effect. we are masters of our own destiny and the whole works really hard every day to be the best at what we do.”

  • Alice

    Creative Team Leader

    “the challenge is keeping our photography as exciting as our watches and straps, i love doing what i love, with an amazing team. the creative team works hard every day to realise our goal of taking an in-store buying experience and bringing this to an international online market.”

  • Ben

    Head of Product Development

    大发体育下载“my creative eye for design is one of my main contributions to our team – respectfully drawing on classic designs, before adding watchgecko’s ‘twist’. i always try to be progressive, consider how what i do – and how i do it – can be improved, and understand the value behind my designs.”

  • Tim

    Writer and Editor

    大发体育下载“i don’t think i can remember a time in my life when watches weren’t in my life. i’ve been writing about watches online for a handful of years now, enjoying every moment of it. i’m passionate about experiencing the world of watches and translating those experiences via articles and images for the wider audience to consume.”

  • Damon

    Videographer and Editor

    “videography is my absolute passion and watchgecko is the place to be for me. video is massively important for online retail now and with so many opportunities i can’t wait to see what we can produce!”

  • Greg

    Graphic & 3D Designer

    大发体育下载“my career started as a junior creative using my graphic design skills but when our 3d printer arrived i was keen to get involved. since then my interest in the 3d industry has become my passion, using youtube tutorials and other similar resources to develop my skills and i’m really proud to be able to say i’m self-taught.”

  • Ella

    Junior Creative

    “working here is a great opportunity for me as i really love being creative. there is a wonderful working environment here and no two days are ever the same. i work alongside alice on our product photography and greg and i put the email newsletters together. i have also written several blog posts and often write back to our followers on instagram.”

  • Lewis

    Junior 3D Designer

    “i have a diploma in creative media production and technology and am keen to use my design skills to the full in my role here at watchgecko. when i am not modelling watches i help out in the order processing department which i also really enjoy.”

  • Lucy

    Graphic Design and Front End Web-Development

    大发体育下载“i’m a multi-disciplined designer, programmer and front-end web developer, i enjoy a challenge am excited about great design and enjoy building creative compelling web experiences.”

  • Lisa

    Order Processing Team Leader

    “i’m hard working and organised and have great colleagues around me so it’s a pleasure to work with such a supportive team. my guiding principle is to be efficient and constantly strive for improvement which i do every day. we all work hard but have fun at the same time.”

  • Claire

    Dispatch Specialist

    大发体育下载“it’s good fun working here at watchgecko, i get to work in a fast paced environment and continuously change between different job roles within the dispatch team which makes every day different from the next.”

  • Hollie

    Dispatch Specialist

    “i really love my job, it’s such a great team here and no two days are the same. time flies when you are having fun and we take great pride in our work, so if you place an order today one of us will be carefully packing it and sending it out to you tomorrow.”

  • Suk-A

    Administrator and Japanese Translator

    “i enjoy my role as a japanese translator and handle all aspects of our business related to japan here at watchgecko. i also work with the order processing team which is really fun as well.”

  • Erika


    “i’m happy and enthusiastic and love coming to work every day as there is always something new to learn and no two days are the same.”

  • Tasha

    Customer Service Advisor

    “organisation is my thing in order to responded to each day’s enquiries in a timely manner. customer service is really important to me and i take real pride in my work. we’re one big family here and time flies.”

  • Jenny

    Customer Service Advisor and Administrator

    ”the world of horology has certainly become an interest of mine since i started working here.  i take pride in my work and love evolving with the new challenges that each day brings and being part of such an amazing team.”

  • James


    i’m an avid watch collector and writer for watchgecko. i have a soft spot for classic divers and frequently have to remind myself i don’t need to get another! before joining the team i used to run my own blog and youtube channel, so i’m no stranger to giving my opinion on a watch!

  • Dominic

    Order Processing Team Member

    “i’m one of the newest members to the team here at watchgecko, you’ll find me working hard with our ever-growing order processing team. my role consists of hand-packing each order we receive, ensuring orders are packed quickly and effectively. every single order means so much to us here and i’m focused on giving the same care and attention to every strap you buy. “

  • Klaudio

    Order Processing Team Member

    大发体育下载i’m another new member of our order processing team here at watchgecko. to help make sure the company runs as smoothly as possible my main work involves doing quality control checks on all new stock that arrives here at our office as well as helping the team pack all of the orders we receive day in and day out. when i’m not working apart of the watchgecko team you can normally find me hiking up a mountain or doing some crazy rock climbing missions!

  • Caroline

    Accounts Manager

    ”my skills include account management and team leadership. i enjoy working hard and spoiling the watchgecko team with a regular delivery of cakes to the office!”

  • Mitch

    Financial Director

    “i love helping organisations reach their full potential and it’s a real pleaseure to be part of the team here as watchgecko has such spectacular opportunities.”


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